Hysen Dengue NS1 Rapid Test on Sales

  Dengue is a flavivirus, transmitted by Aedesaegypti and Aedesalbopictus mosquitoes. It is widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the world,and causes up to 100 million infections annually. Classic Dengue infection is characterized by a sudden onset of fever, intense headache, myalgia, arthralgia and rash. NS1 is one of 7 Dengue Virus non-structural proteins which are thought to be involved in viral replication. NS1 exists as a monomer in its immature form but is rapidly processed in the endoplasmic reticulum to form a stable dimer. A small amount of NS1 remains associated with intracellular organelles where it is thought to be involved in viral replication. The rest of NS1 is found either associated with the plasma membrane or secreted as a soluble hexadimer. NS1 is essential for viral viability but its precise biological function is unknown.  Antibodies raised in response to NS1 in viral infection can cross react with cell surface antigens on epithelial cells and platelets and this has been implicated in the development of Dengue Hemorrhagic fever.
  The Hysen Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Cassette(Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is a qualitative membrane-based immunoassay for the detection of Dengue NS1 antigen in whole blood, serum, or plasma. During testing, the specimen reacts with Dengue antibody-conjugate in the test cassette. The Gold antibody conjugate will bind to Dengue antigen in the specimen sample which in turn will bind with Anti-Dengue NS1 coated on the membrane. As the reagent moves across the membrane, the Dengue NS1 antibody on the membrane will bind the antibody-antigen complex causing pale or dark pink line to form at the test line region of the test membrane. The intensity of the lines will vary depending upon the amount of antigen present in the sample. The appearance of pink line in the test region should be considered as positive result.
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