Malaria P.F/P.V/ Pan Test Kit

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A rapid test for the qualitative detection of circulating antigens of P. falciparum (P.f.), P. vivax (P.v.), P.ovale (P.o.), and P. malariae (P.m.) in whole blood.

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  Malaria is a widespread disease caused by a protozoan that invades human red blood cells. It affects over half of the world's population and causes an estimated 300-500 million cases and over 1 million deaths each year. Most victims are infants and young children. Microscopic analysis of thick and thin blood smears has traditionally been the gold standard for malaria diagnosis, but this technique requires skilled microscopists and defined protocols for accurate diagnoses. The Malaria P.f./P.v./Pan Rapid Test Cassette (Whole Blood) is a diagnostic tool that can rapidly detect P. falciparum-specific HRP-II and four circulating plasmodium species (P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale, and P. malariae) in whole blood via colloid gold conjugate.


Rapid results

Simple visual interpretation

High accuracy

Easy operation


1. Use the kit only for professional in vitro diagnostic purposes and within its expiration date.

2. Use whole blood specimens only and avoid using other types of specimens.

3. Refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the area where specimens or kits are handled.

4. Handle all specimens as if they contain infectious agents and follow standard procedures for proper disposal to prevent risks from microbiological hazards.

5. Use protective clothing such as laboratory coats, disposable gloves and eye protection when conducting specimen assays.

6. Disposal of used tests, specimens and potentially contaminated materials should adhere to local regulations.

7. Maintain optimum temperature and humidity as these factors may adversely affect results.

8. Use buffer and test cassettes of the same lot number only, and do not exchange or mix buffer and test cassettes from different kits.

9. Take caution when collecting specimens to ensure adequate samples are collected for improved test sensitivity.

10. Ensure that sufficient buffer is added to the cassette’s sample well to avoid invalid results.


Principle Chromatographic immunoassay Format Dipstick, Cassette
Specimen WB Certificate CE
Reading Time 10 minutes Pack 25T
Storage Temperature 2-30℃ Shelf Life 2 Years
1.What is rapid test? Rapid tests, also known as rapid diagnostic tests or RDTs, are easy-to-use tests that provide quick results, usually in 20 minutes or less. Unlike most standard tests, which have to be sent to a lab, rapid tests are done and provide results at the point of care. The point of care is the place where you are getting care. It can include your provider's office, a clinic, or even your own home. 2.What are the applications of rapid test? Rapid tests are most often used to diagnose infectious diseases, drug of abuse, cancer and so on.
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