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Cooperative Partner

HYSEN cherishes all of our business partners for our focus is to expand markets internationally through growing with our global partnerships or distributors worldwide.

Bioassay Reagent

HYSEN supplies products include Drugs Of Abuse, Infectious Disease, Women Health, Cardiac Marker and Tumor Marker, which have been distributed to over 50 countries.

Our Advantage

The POCT diagnostic reagent products produced by the company are developed based, high sensitivity and simplicity compared with traditional diagnostic methods.


Hysen Biotech


Hysen Biotech.lnc, located in Seoul of South Korea, is a leading manufacturer specializing in IVD diagnostics. With the mission to provide the innovative, accurate and reliable diagnostics products, Hysen has become a trusted partner all over the world.

Hysen Biotech

Our R&D experts develop innovative technologies and user-friendly products for a variety of diagnostics applications, including infectious disease, drug screening and fertility professional and self-testing, prioritizing customized requirement, best quality assurance, and development to expand product portfolio.

By staying at the forefront of scientific advancement, we will provide advanced diagnostic solutions for our customers' ever-changing requirements. Embark on your insist to diagnostic excellence with Hysen as your best and trusted partner.